The course on wireless fNIRS/EEG coregistration at the 33rd EEGLab 2022 Workshop

Sep 27, 2022Events

More than 60 participants from 18 countries have participated in the 33rd EEGLab 2022 Workshop co-organized by the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego and Cortivision. fNIRS/EEG coregistration was one of the topics. We are happy that EEGLab 2022 in Lublin has become a unique platform for sharing knowledge, experience and inspiration for a wide range of researchers interested in new techniques for studying the human mind. 

We want to highlight that the Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoB) concept developed by the EEGLab team is fully compiled with the Cortivision ecosystem philosophy. Our software solutions focus on easy integration of the fNIRS signal with other modalities, recorded by EEG, EMG, GSR, eye tracking, MoCap and many others. It is possible thanks to the compatibility of Cortivision’s products with the LabStreaminLayer protocol – today’s most user-friendly method of acquiring biological signals from multiple measurement devices. 

conference room with participants

Together with our partners from Bitbrain, we organized a mini-course to demonstrate the fNIRS/EEG coregistration – how to record fNIRS and EEG signals during free movement conditions simultaneously. Moreover, it has been shown how to significantly reduce the subject’s preparation time using the same standard of cap, semi-dry EEG electrodes and wireless transmission.

presentation of fnirs

A functioning combo of Cortivision Photon Light and Bitbrain Versatile 16 could also be tried at our booth.

We are very grateful for the warm welcome from the participants and the attendance during the demonstration!

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