fNIRs & Versatile eeg

CortiVision & BitBrain integration

We are proud to present the integration of our Photon Cap with Bitbrain’s family of semi-dry Versatile EEG systems. Co-recording hemodynamic and electrophysiological activity has never been so easy!

Discover the value

of matching the Cortivision Photon Cap with the Versatile EEG.

Short preparation time and comfort, thanks to semi-dry EEG electrodes

Flexibility through wireless communication in both systems

Easy electrodes and optode assembly into common standard 10-5 positions caps

Scalable measurement due to BitBrain Versatile variants with 8, 16 and 32 EEG channels

Watch our

fNIRS+EEG integration


Precise synchronization with the Lab Streaming Layer protocol

Perfect design for hybrid BCI experiments with online processing in OpenViBE environment

Integration between Cortivision and Bitbrain devices addresses the need for multimodal measurement of brain activity in non-stationary conditions.

Our integration is tailored to:

Movement and sports sciences

Neuroscience research in real-life situations

Neuroergonomic and UX studies

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