First fNIRS in space


Pioneering fNIRS research on the International Space Station

See how the expansion story is made. Again. 

fNIRS on Ax-2 Mission

fNIRS on Ax-3 Mission


Now available on the US market

Learn more about our US expansion

Fully portable & wireless
fNIRS ecosystem





A perfect match for neuroscience

Proven and comfortable integrated EEG and fNIRS system
in cooperation with BitBrain Technologies


Cortivision Spotlight

Explore the possibilities offered by
a fully controllable test environment in VR
– project we are proud to implement thanks to the
support of European Union funds.

New light on human mind

Opening for new applications of neuroscience.


Research in the field of psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

Monitor the impact of a stimulus as part of neurophysiological research procedures. Discover the possibilities offered by the Cortivision Photon family of spectroscopes with professional signal recording software. 



Hyperscanning sessions

Registration of brain activity of several people at the same time. Discover the way the groups of respondents function and collaborate mentally with each other.




Monitoring of brain activity on the move

Carry out constant monitoring of brain activity also during free movement activities such as sports, driving a vehicle or simply moving.



Virtual Reality Environment

Research experiments in virtual reality

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by a fully controllable test environment in virtual reality. Build any environmental conditions and check their true impact.



Examples of common results

Improve creativity.

Examples of common results

Improve mental health.

Examples of common results

Improve relaxation.

Examples of common results

Improve focus skills.

Examples of common results

Improve resistance to stress.

Scientific Health Device

Although our devices are not medical devices, we design and test them to the highest standards and scientific rigor. 

We are basing on a research-grade technology to make brain training more accessible and open it to new applications.

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