CortiVison Spotlight is a unique combination of fNIRS with VR goggles for the purpose of training and monitoring of brain activity.

CortiVision SPOTLIGHT is the first fully integrated environment to combine NIRS technology with Virtual Reality (VR) for research and training applications.

Our system is created mainly for biofeedback practice enabling effective and engaging cognitive training based on near-infrared spectroscopy. The use of virtual reality allows for unprecedented control of the content that we provide to the test subject. For this reason, SPOTLIGHT is the perfect tool for scientists and professionals in the field of UX / UI and ergonomics.

The project “BioVR – Diagnostic and training system for attention functions in virtual reality” co-financed in the amount of PLN 934,915.00 (total expenditure PLN 1,182,228.00). The final version of the system is aimed at increasing the availability of brain activity testing equipment for science and diagnostics, enabling high-quality testing of brain activity in non-lab conditions, enabling more precise diagnostics of attention functions and innovative training of attention functions in VR.

Check the following examples of scenarios you can implement with SPOTLIGHT

1. Online processing

CortiView software enables data transmission via the LSL protocol to popular real-time signal processing software – OpenViBE. Classification results can then be used to control feedback in the Unity environment.

2. Attention training with full concenstration

You can build a classic cognitive experiment (like an n-back task) and then use the recorded data as a signal for classification by machine learning algorithms. In the next phase, the control of the VR scene can be done in a neurofeedback loop.

3. Motor functions training
in your mind

The same protocol may have been used to recognize brain activity associated with limb movement. Which makes it a perfect tool for professionals in neurorehabilitation.

4. Full control of the experimental environment

Using Cortivision Spotlight and virtual desktop applications, you can present experimental stimuli in a distractor-free research environment. You can conduct your cognitive procedures without worrying about the influence of uncontrolled variables.


For biofeedback

A tool for working with patients, which in an attractive way allows you to train attention functions and maintain interest, especially in younger patients. At the same time, it enables remote training.

For UX / UI specialists

Objective and scientifically valid tool to support measuring the overall impact of content on the recipient based on his physiological changes.

For corporate managers & HR

Innovative and effective completion of processes for HR departments in the field of mental health, stress reduction and candidate selection.

For uniformed services

Dedicated training support for the competition, special use of focus, information selection and resistance to stress. For use in conditions where the safety of others depends on the concentration of the individual.

Attractive VR training

Thanks to the VR environment, working with patients is not only more pleasant for both parties, but also allows you to expand the sessions and shorten the overall time of building a habit.

New neuroimpact tool

Assessment of the final impact and experiences caused by forms of messages such as speech, path, performance etc.

Employee support tool

Support for the mental condition of employees struggling with disorganizing stress or difficulties in returning to work after a long absence.

Reliable support

A scientifically proven tool for building resistance to stress and increasing the efficiency of concentration in crisis situations with the possibility of dedicated training scenarios.

Examples of common results

Improve creativity.

Examples of common results

Improve mental health.

Examples of common results

Improve relaxation.

Examples of common results

Improve focus skills.

Examples of common results

Improve resistance to stress.

VR technology allows to effectively recreate the most important elements of situations that are too difficult or expensive to train in a traditional way, e.g. chaos during a victim’s accident assistance or time pressure associated with air traffic control.

SPOTLIGHT allows you to create engaging and realistic training with simultaneous measurement of brain activity in response to a changing situation.

If you still have questions

We have the answers. Check our FAQ section or just get in touch with our experts.

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