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Integrating functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) with electroencephalography (EEG) researchers leverage the strenghts of both techniques while minimizing their individual limitations. This multimodal approach delivers a more precise and comprehensive understanding of brain activity than relying on either method in isolation.

Cortivision has joined forces with two leading manufacturers of high-quality EEG systems to ensure you choose the solution best suited to your research.

Discover our recommended fNIRS+EEG solutions

Active gel-based electrodes systems by Brain Products

up to 64 EEG channels to ensure superb signal quality and long registration time

Semi-dry electrodes systems by BitBrain

up to 32 EEG channels to minimize preparation time and maximalize participant’s comfort

Learn more

about the benefits of combining EEG and fNIRS for:

Clinical application

Techniques Advances and Clinical Applications in Fused EEG-fNIRS

Language studies

Usefulness of simultaneous EEG–NIRS recording in language studies

Brain-computer interfaces

Cortical effects of user training in a motor imagery based brain–computer interface measured by fNIRS and EEG


A Combined EEG-fNIRS Study Investigating Mechanisms Underlying the Association between Aerobic Fitness and Inhibitory Control in Young Adults

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