fNIRS & Live Amp

CortiVision & Brain Products integration

If you are looking for a solution that provides the best fNIRS and EEG signal quality, a perfect choice would be the combination of Photon Cap and actiCap systems. We are working with BrainProducts to ensure data quality without compromise for our customers!

Explore the benefits

of pairing the Cortivision Photon Cap with the actiCap EEG.

Best possible signal quality with shielded, active, and gel-based EEG electrodes.

Comprehensive configuration thanks to compliance with both LiveAmp wireless and ActiChamp Plus high-performance stationary systems.

Highest performance and precision of co-registration with the expansion to high-density EEG (up to 64 channels).


Mobile & Wireless (LiveAmp) or Stationary (ActiCHamp Plus)

EEG channels

8 x EEG, REF, GND 16 x EEG, REF, GND 32 x EEG, REF, GND 64 x EEG, REF, GND

Type of sensors

Active gel-based

Head perimeter

actiCAP slim/snap 34 – 64 cm head circumference

Watch our

fNIRS+EEG integration with Brain Products

Precise synchronization with the Lab Streaming Layer protocol

Cortivision and Brain Products address the need for multimodal brain activity measurement in stationary and non-stationary conditions.

Our integration is tailored to:

MoBI (Mobile Brain/Body Imaging) 

Classic neurocognitive and psychophysiological experiments

Hybrid Brain-computer interfaces

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