Nebula Human Research and fNIRS

May 15, 2023Events

We are proud that our Photon Cap fNIRS was the first one to be used in space aboard the ISS in the Nebula Human Research.

On May 26, 2023, two astronauts Barnawi and Alqarni have measured their blood pressure, blood oxygen, and heart rate levels, as well as performed some brain imaging studies for the Nebula Human Research investigations, which will look at how humans adapt and respond to spaceflight to better understand human health in microgravity.

The research carried out during the Ax-2 mission was precisely selected in cooperation with leading international research centers such as Stanford University and MIT. One of the pioneering studies was the use of functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) for mobile recording of astronauts’ brain activity during spaceflight. For this purpose, we managed to supply the fNIRS wireless system adapted to space flight conditions due to its small size, mobility and technical parameters.


The aim of the Nebula project was to support the development of tools to monitor and understand the effects of spaceflight on the brain, which may allow the development of early countermeasures for potential negative effects. This perspective is becoming increasingly important in light of plans to establish a permanent human presence on the moon and eventually Mars.

Get to know more about this project here!

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