Introducing Photon Cap Light

Feb 13, 2022Product updates

Introducing: Photon Cap Light version

The first steps with fNIRS have now become easier. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product – Photon Cap Light version. Within our portfolio, Photon Light will replace the Photon Band which has not been upgraded since 2019. With this change, we will be able to offer improved hardware with greater performance and compatibility.

The first iteration of Photon Band was launched in 2019. Right from the start, we have enjoyed great popularity of it among customers. They appreciated the simple design as well as the accessibility and ease of use of the device. This system was developed mainly for the examination of the prefrontal cortex. Over time, however, we have recognized its limitations, mainly due to the lack of flexibility in the assembly of optodes. A predefined assembly limited many scientists in their research application. For this reason, we have decided to develop products with greater research value and potential for new applications. The result was the development of the Photon Cap C20 in its full version.

More optodes count and flexibility in assembly seemed to be crucial features. We have also found that requests from scientists often relate to research applications that do not require the full capacity of 16 emitters and 10 detectors. In many cases, a solution with fewer channels might work just as well and be less complicated. After doing a lot of work on user feedback, we started to develop a new version of Photon Cap.

The first step to the adventure with fNIRS

We believe that Light version of Photon Cap is a very good start with fNIRS for any researcher who doesn’t feel very strong in NIR spectroscopy. Easy, uncomplicated montage options, simple research paradigms and ease in organizing space on the head make it perfect to start. We have developed it with regards to remain full compatibility with the full version. In this way, the product could be further upgraded in alignment with increasing user competence. Both Photon Cap versions share the same amplifier and mounting system. It means that a start with a light version of the device (4 emitters & 2 detectors) can be followed by a system upgrade to a full optode bundle (16 emitters & 10 detectors).

If you would like to know more about Photon Cap Light capabilities, please feel free to contact our sales.


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